5 Great Ways Pool Companies Can Use Yard Signs

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Being the owner of a pool company is quite challenging. For a pool company, the business is limited to particular seasons. In most cases, the target market is also extremely limited. Thus, considering these two factors, the need of advertising your business properly is important. Through advertising, you will be able to best show your potential customers what sets you apart from your competitors. Not every effective advertising measure has to be expensive as well. With yard signs, you have an inexpensive yet highly effective way to get the word out about your pool business.

However, if you have never used these before, read on to know a few great ways for making the most of yard signs. You have to be highly competitive here as other pool companies in San Diego are looking for a way to get ahead of others.

1. ‘In-Progress’ Signage

When you are in the process of installing or even cleaning a pool, you should have lawn signs near/around the home or building. This will help your potential customers know who is responsible for doing the work. Displaying your name ties you to the job, so you should also ensure that your employees are doing their best.

2. Completed Installation

Once the installation is finished, you should seek permission of the clients for displaying your signage around the pool. This will show the swimmers as well as the neighbors the name responsible for the quality work. It can work as a great referral program for you, as it will help you track new customers.

3. Business Clients

While creating personal pools is any pool company’s bread and butter, business clients come with a greater potential to generate more business opportunities. This is even more true in cases of businesses like hotel chains, resorts, summer camps, etc. Yard signs at these pools will help you garner credit for the work, and your prospective client may just come here for a dip.

4. Special Discounts and Offers

An important aspect of keeping every business steady for all the year round is offering special schemes to customers for taking your services in the off-seasons. Lawn signs at your business’ place, around the town and so on will let people know about your special offers. You should also list your website and include the business’s phone number in advertisements, since these will give the viewers a chance to contact you if they need an appointment.

5. Safety

Promoting safety in as well as around the pool is important. Pool safety signs can be offered as an additional convenience. These signs will also make you appear as more socially aware and responsible about the potential dangers in your industry.

An important characteristic of marketing is accurate targeting with a strategic implementation plan for success. There is no better way of selling your services and products by featuring it. And yard signs are among the most affordable and effective ways of doing that!
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