TV shows back from dead

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 the night shift box set season 1“X Files”A new season of “The X-Files” is in the works.

Its Turn Washington’s Spies box set 2 been a banner spring for fans of long-dead TV shows.
In just the past two weeks, theres been news of two sitcom revivals (Full House, Coach), a drama comeback (The X-Files), a cult-sketch-series reunion (Mr. Show) and a variety series that may be reincarnated as a sitcom (The Muppet Show).
These new projects join an already-airing update of The Little House Seasons 1-9 dvd box set Odd Couple, this falls resurrection of Heroes, a planned 2016 return to Twin Peaks, and a slew of old movie titles being transformed into TV shows (Wet Hot American Summer) or pilots (Rush Hour, Problem Child, Minority Report, Uncle Buck).
Whats odd about the small screens current infatuation with chasing ghosts is that it comes smack in the middle of whats widely considered a new Golden Age for the medium. We expect TV today not only to be better than it used to be, but creatively superior to the feature film Sense8 box set 2 industry – where reboots and tentpoles are now the (depressing) rule.
USA Films via YouTube”Wet Hot American Summer” is one of many movies getting a second life on the small screen.

So why are programmers suddenly so interested in Orphan Black dvd recycling?
Ironically, the fact that there are so many shows on TV right now – and so many good-to-great shows – may partially explain why small-screen suits are eager to bring back old ideas.
People are just desperate for attention, one television-industry vet told Vulture.
As we noted earlier this year, there were over 325 different scripted series produced for broadcast, cable, or streaming networks in 2014. While some of these shows bring new eyeballs to TV – Empire is the most obvious example – for the most part, the rapid explosion in original fare means networks are frequently settling for lower ratings, fewer breakout hits, and less advertising revenue.
Chuck Hodes/FOX”Empire” is one of the few original shows to stand out in a crowded field.

Worse, its now become a regular occurrence for heavily promoted new shows like Foxs new comedy Weird Loners, NBCs Allegiance, USAs Dig, or A&Es The Returned to open to scary-low premiere ratings.
Theres so much product, its hard [for something new] to stand out, our industry vet explains. Somebody sees a new series now and its, So what? Theres ten a day.
By contrast, even a rumor that a network is considering a reboot or remake of a beloved title can set off a social media (and traditional media) tsunami.
You announce something like Full House or Coach, and boom – instant interest, our TV vet says. People are buffeted with so much content flying at The Vampire Diaries Seasons 1-5 dvd box set them anything you can do to get them to say, Ill check that out – thats huge these days.
Your browser does not support the video tag. YouTube via ABC “Full House” revival news generated huge interest on social media.

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